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Clash Royale League World Finals 2020 is heading to Shanghai

Eight teams will be battling it out in the Chinese city, December 5 - 6.

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Supercell has revealed that Shanghai will provide the backdrop for this year's Clash Royale League World Finals.

Starting December 5, eight teams from CRL East and CRL West will be battling it out to be crowned as champions. The event will be held at Shanghai's Match-Light Arena and follows previous years World Finals, which were held in London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

With many events across the year falling victim to Covid-19, it's great to Supercell strive to a physical event for the World Finals. The developer did note, however: " We are fully aware of special travel conditions worldwide due to Covid-19 and will continue to monitor the situation to determine production, ticketing and live audience plans".

You can find more details about the upcoming World Finals here.

Clash Royale

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